Why Many Face Low Sex Drive & How to Overcome It?

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Sex is one of the basic needs of human beings along with oxygen, water, and food. It is the means by which we reproduce, ensuring the survival of our species. Not only that, but it’s we have also found it to be the most pleasurable experience. It is for this reason that the average man is concerned with his libido and especially its lack, for the most part of his adult life.

Decreased libido and impotence have several psychological and physical causes. Depression is one of the leading causes of low libido in males. People who are depressed often find it hard to be motivated to do anything, even sex. Unfortunately, lowered libido and impotence can also happen as side effects of harmful drug administration. People who take chronic medications are more prone to face a lack of libido.

Guilt resulting from infidelity may also cause the low sex drive in a man’s life and to be an unwilling partner. So does gender conflict or confusion, when a man doesn’t know whether he is attracted to the same sex or the opposite one. In male-dominated cultures where manhood is defined by how “macho” you are, libido is mainly overlooked. When the so-called “macho men” fail to deliver in bed, ego takes over and harms their marriages and personal health. Similarly, people who’ve experienced sexual abuse as a child or even as an adult, are more inclined to dislike sex. All of these situations can majorly be overcome by proper medical therapy and mental counseling.

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The more common reasons why men lose sex drive from their lives is due to medical conditions that predispose them towards a low libido and even impotence. Hormonal imbalances affecting testosterone levels are one of the main causes. Examples are diabetes, the overproduction of male hormones (also called Cushing’s syndrome), and hypogonadism (a medical condition wherein the functioning of the testicles is decreased) – all of these causes low testosterone levels, which in turn causes low libido. Diabetes, on the other hand, affects the small capillaries in the body causing erectile dysfunction.

Cardiovascular disorders are also to be blamed. Heart problems lead to the hardening and narrowing of blood vessels. That’s why men often experience problems when less blood is supplied to the male genitalia causing problems like erectile dysfunction, smaller erections, or even inability to produce semen. Inadequate blood supply is also the reason why men take artificial medication to overcome experiences in difficulty in the bedroom.

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