What are the major keys for having a bigger erection?

What are the major keys for having a bigger erection?

Are you been sick and tired of having a small penis? Are you worried that your relationship has become shaky given the fact that your penis size is just not helping her reach orgasm? Have you had sleepless nights worrying that your woman will find another man with a bigger penis who can satisfy her sexually? Then here are four keys for you to have a larger and harder erection naturally.

Weak or limp erections can be a cause of deep concern for most men. There are a couple of factors that can take a toll on your sexual health and the ability to get harder and stiffer erections.

Some of them include:

Psychological Factors – Psychological or emotional factors can be one of the major reasons behind erectile dysfunction in men. One of the best ways to get over them is by trying to reduce stress and anxiety. Meditation is one of the best ways to do so. Meditating for a mere 10 minutes a day can be of great help.

Blood flow to the penis – Reduced blood flow to the penis can be a result of clogging of arteries due to excess body fat and lack of exercise. Poor blood flow to the penis not only robs you of your libido but also makes you a failure in bed.

Testosterone Levels in your body – Testosterone production in your body begins declining after the age of 30 and it triggers a whole lot of changes in your body and behavior. Low libido and erectile dysfunction are some of the most disturbing effects of low testosterone.

What are the major keys for having a bigger erection?

Let’s take a look at some of the key factors –

Key 1: Your very first key to a larger and harder erection would be to look for the right erection herbs. Big penis medicine that have herbal ingredients like Bigjack, is one of the best options that you have in hand. The natural herbs and minerals help in the better flow of blood to your penis thereby making it have a larger and harder erection.

Key 2: Similarly, herbal hard rock erection pills are proven to increase your erection size and also boost your stamina by at least 30 minutes. Now you don’t have to go looking for the herbs and measure them. Just pop a pill for a better and naturally larger erection.

Key 3: You would also have to take the proper diet and the right vitamin supplements. Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish, beta-carotene from carrots, phytochemicals from onions are agents that are known to help with a larger and stronger erection.

Key 4: Along with the three keys that are stated earlier, you will also have to spend some time exercising your penis to get that extra hard erection. Take a wet towel and hang it on your penis like a flag and relax and flex your penile muscles to raise and lower the towel. Ensure that you spend at least 20 minutes each day doing this exercise to get a naturally larger and harder erection.

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