Three tips to help you enjoy long and hard sex

If your climax seems not worth your efforts and hard work in the bed, the reasons could be physical or emotional. Most men are guilty of not being able to hold penis erections for longer and ejaculating too early during a sexual encounter leaves their lady love disappointed, unsatisfied, and even angry. Premature ejaculation and […]

Tips on improving sexual stamina and performance

How to increase sexual stamina is a common question for every man looking forward to making their partner happy. These stressful times have made the state of comfort a mere wish for people. In such situations, getting intimate with your lady partner can help lower stress and fatigue. Nowadays, many men experience low sexual desire […]

Things women want men to do during sex

No matter how good you are in bed with your partner or how much into each other you are, certain mistakes during sex can make it less pleasurable for your woman. While most men consider premature ejaculation or having low physical stamina as main culprits behind a bland sexual intercourse; the real reason is not […]

Erotic ways to satisfy your women in bed

Have you ever thought what makes you to win the title of ‘good in bed?’ For most men, it’s providing your woman with intense multiple orgasms by maintaining stronger erections for longer. Here, we will be discussing certain ways you can please your women in bed and win over her satisfaction. Let’s start! It’s all […]

Revealing the best ayurvedic medicine for men’s sexual health

Many men across the globe experience sexual problems such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. These problems leave them embarrassed and their partners dissatisfied. Ayurveda has recognized such sexual problems in men a long time ago and naturopaths have been using herbal remedies to address such issues and improve sexual health in both men and […]

All about penis erections and how to stay erect for longer

Most men want to last longer in bed to win over their reputation as passionate lover of their partners. While trying to improve sexual performance; many men would want to discover remedies that can help them stay erect for up to an hour. However, the duration and quality of penis erection depend on your physical […]

Ways to make her wet and reach orgasms

Very realistically, it doesn’t take long for men to get aroused and orgasm but it is not the same for women. However, there are super-effective tips for men to help their women get hot and ready for some intimate time in bed. To begin with, you need to understand that being wet doesn’t always mean […]

Benefits of natural testosterone supplements for male athletes

Muscle fatigue, poor libido, and physical exhaustion, if any of these conditions sound similar, these conditions are just not the results of aging but are instead caused by falling levels of testosterone in your body. Maintaining healthy levels of t-levels in the body is integral to every physical aspect ranging from muscle building, heart health, […]

Ways to give your lady love multiple and intense orgasms

Are you feeling passionate about giving your female partner a series of intense orgasms? Women, unlike men, do not need a reloading phase and can get another orgasm within a minute of the previous one. And this makes it a tough challenge for men to win over their partner’s satisfaction. Don’t worry! Here, we will […]