The Key to Find Erogenous Zones & Ultimate Pleasure in Bed

Have you ever kissed your partner’s neck and her whole body shudders involuntarily? Have you ever noticed that when you whisper something in your partner’s ears or touch her forearms, she feels turned on? It all happens because these are her erogenous zones – the areas of body which have high sensitivity to touch. And […]

Decoding What Women Want in Bed

It is a widespread misconception that women can’t be pleased in bed. Maybe it’s true that it is difficult to please them. However, like many other things in the world, it is also not impossible. You just need to have some knowledge about women’s pleasure and how they reach orgasm. After all, the purpose of […]

The Best Route to Have Most Pleasurable Sex

You will have to admit the fact that penis is the most favourite part of your body. Isn’t it? And rightly so, it takes you to the journey of ultimate pleasure and bliss. But, wait! You might have been having pleasure by making use of your tool; however, have you ever considered if your partner […]