The Simplest of Tips to Last Longer in Bed

“How to last longer in bed?” This is possibly the most asked sex question by men across geographies. While there isn’t any fixed time for it, however, if you spend anything less than 3 minutes then you must investigate the matter and of course follow tips to treat this condition. And the most important tip […]

Finding Out Common Ways to Boost Testosterone Levels & Sexual Health

It is very important for men to maintain a balanced level of testosterone. Known as the male sex hormone, testosterone is responsible for many physical changes that men go through like deepening of voice, hair growth, muscle growth, and a healthy sex drive. However, when aging and other factors come into play, men’s testosterone levels […]

Getting Sexually-Starved in your Marriage? These Tips will Help

Many couples face this in their relationships – sexual starvation for several months and sometimes even for years. In fact, sex between couples becomes so less frequent that finally when they do it, they feel awkward and highly uncomfortable. But have you ever wondered why does that happen? Many times it is the couple’s compatibility […]