The Biggest Sex Questions Answered

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Men and women alike stay hesitant to ask questions that relate to bedroom. But there are questions which you must have answers for. Not only do they help in making your sex life better but also make the bond stronger with your partner. So, we will start with the most asked question that men want to know the answer of and also extend solutions to these questions. Here we go:

  1. Does Size Matter?

Men can’t have it figured out whether the size of their penis is okay to satisfy their partner. And they are often afraid to ask their partners as if they get a negative answer it will hurt their male ego. And on the flip side, women cannot blatantly express their dissatisfaction over it as they don’t want to displease their partners. So, this question really remains buried. But the real thing isit is good to have penis in big size. It is so because larger penis reaches the clitoris deeply and is responsible for stimulation and satisfaction. So, yes size matters but not all the time as some women may have smaller vulvas. If you feel your size is short of what’s needed for your partner’s satisfaction, add BigJack Test Booster in your dietary regime. BigJack Test Booster contains natural ingredients that help you have bigger erections that stay for long. It also helps boosting your sex drive and makes your penile muscles stronger.

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  1. How to Reach G-spot?

Many men really want to learn this as they see their partners not experiencing orgasms after an intimate act. This not only raises questions on their sexual stamina but also creates conflicts in their relationship. Factually, the size of your penis and your stamina play a crucial role in helping you reach the G-spot. It’s actually a spongy area in the clitoris which when touched and stimulated gives ultimate pleasure to women. BigJack Test Booster again can be a vital companion in your quest to reach the G-spot.

  1. How Do Women Feel Orgasms?

This again is a tricky question and is largely related to how men stimulate their partner’s clitoral tissues. Successful clitoral stimulation relies on a man’s ability to insert his penis deep and play the in and out game for long. This requires a lot of stamina and strength. So, men with a good athletic endurance can find it easier to enable their partners experience the orgasm. Supplementing with BigJack Test Booster is also a great way to gain that required stamina.

  1. What are Erogenous Zones?

Most men feel that only by kissing women’s lips, touching their genitals and breasts would help excite them sexually. But that is not all. There are various erogenous zones which when touched and caressed play an important role to satisfy the female partner. These areas are ears, neck, butt, inner thighs, vagina, under arms, and more. So, you have to explore their entire body for better arousal.

Summing up, while there would be lot more questions that men would like to get answered, the ones we discussed above were the most common and important ones. If you have more sex-related queries, drop them in the box below. Sex experts at Bigjack will answer them in private.

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