Three tips to help you enjoy long and hard sex

If your climax seems not worth your efforts and hard work in the bed, the reasons could be physical or emotional. Most men are guilty of not being able to hold penis erections for longer and ejaculating too early during a sexual encounter leaves their lady love disappointed, unsatisfied, and even angry. Premature ejaculation and […]

Herbal medicine to help increase penis size

Penis size is a sensitive subject for men. Most of them want to grow their penis bigger in length and girth for providing intense orgasms to their partners with deep penetration. Sometimes, many men try weird methods such as penis stretching to increase their penis size instantly. Such methods can cause damage to penile muscles […]

Unwinding what makes Bigjack the best medicine for sexual wellness

It’s not always the age to blame for declining testosterone levels. Sometimes the dip in your physical and mental health can lead to dwindling testosterone levels in your body. The bad news- is low physical stamina, poor sex drive, and a group of sex drive. Nowadays, a majority of men (both old and young) experience […]

Erotic ways to satisfy your women in bed

Have you ever thought what makes you to win the title of ‘good in bed?’ For most men, it’s providing your woman with intense multiple orgasms by maintaining stronger erections for longer. Here, we will be discussing certain ways you can please your women in bed and win over her satisfaction. Let’s start! It’s all […]

Why is Herbal Testosterone Booster important to drive your sexual life?

Testosterone is a hormone that usually referred to as “man hormone.” The male hormone is responsible for converting boys into men with deep voices, facial hair, and larger muscles as they progress through puberty. It’s also the hormone that drives a man’s sexual desire. Most men’s testosterone levels begin to decline beyond the age of […]

Follow these tips to increase sex time

Apart from penis size, holding the ejaculation for long is the second factor that matters to men during sex. However, around 40 percent of men worldwide suffer from the problem of premature ejaculation and low stamina during sexual encounter. Such problems affect not only your sexual problems but your reputation in front of your partner. […]

Ways to give your lady love multiple and intense orgasms

Are you feeling passionate about giving your female partner a series of intense orgasms? Women, unlike men, do not need a reloading phase and can get another orgasm within a minute of the previous one. And this makes it a tough challenge for men to win over their partner’s satisfaction. Don’t worry! Here, we will […]

Ayurvedic remedies for bigger penis and improving sex time

Men are always conscious of the size of their penises.  While the debate on perfect penis size remains unending, having a small penis causes poor body image and lack of confidence. Most men suffering from such problems are often worried about the impact of their penis size on their sexual performance and romantic relationship. Also, […]

5 powerful tips on how to last longer in bed

When it comes to love-making, there are a lot of areas to creep in. It’s no secret that men reach orgasm faster than women. That is coupled with common sexual disorders such as premature ejaculation, low physical stamina, and erectile dysfunction. It means your lady love frequently finds herself unfinished and unsatisfied during sexual intercourse. […]