Tips to Solve the Problem of Early Ejaculation

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There are dudes who can continue with the main event for 10 good minutes. But when you go and do it, it just takes you less than 5 minutes and things get wrapped up. Yes, that happens with most men of today’s age and there are ways to overcome this health issue called premature ejaculation. While most men are aware about it, many of them still believe that it is natural to have it released within 5 minutes. So, this needs to be addressed and it can be done with man power tablet for long lasting erection. These tablets feature natural ingredients that help strengthening the penile muscles, boost testosterone levels, and improve your sex timing. But along with their supplementation, lifestyle habits play a crucial role in making your sex life better and improving your timing. Let’s understand.

sex power tablets

  1. Stay Physically Active: One of the key things to improve your sex life as well as your overall health is to stay active. For that matter, you need to maintain a nice exercise routine. Practice anything, a workout routine at home, Yoga, running, or any physical activity. As you maintain a regular exercise routine, not only will you always stay fresh and active but also observe a noticeable change in energy and vibe when performing sexual activity.
  2. Reduce your Screen Time: Our life is surrounded by gadgets – TV, Smartphone, Laptop, Smartwatch, and more. So, all these gadgets sap a lot of energy and make you lethargic. The blue light coming out of these at night time affects your body and disturbs its normal cycle as your body should not be exposed to blue light at night. Thus, reducing your screen time is an effective method to improve your health.
  3. Masturbate before Sex: Masturbating before sex is a great way to prolong your sex timing. It is because you had already released the pent up fluid and when the action time actually comes, it takes you longer to ejaculate, hence increasing your sex timing.
  4. Supplementation: Needless to say, supplementing with man power tablet for long lasting erection opens the gateway to better sex. These tablets work naturally to improve your sexual health and enable you last longer in bed. When finding out a suitable supplement, do check out man power tablets from BigJack. BigJack man power tablets for long lasting erection are composed of ingredients like Ashwagandha, Kaunch Beej, Shilajit, Vidarikanda, and Safed Musli, which turn your sex life around magically.
  5. Have Better Food: Our food intake plays an important role in determining the effectiveness of our sexual ability. Our strenuous lifestyle leaves little room for mindful eating. Even if we do it, we sometimes skip our meals which take a toll on our health. So, it is recommended to have a balanced diet and add foods that work specifically for your sexual health. For instance, adding more of bananas, honey, nuts, ginger and garlic, spinach, and other foods in your diet go a long way to make your sex timing better.

Summing up, early ejaculation is as much a problem that stems out of a hectic lifestyle, stress, and anxiety as it is a physical problem. Therefore, it needs solutions like lifestyle changes and supplementing with man power tablets for long lasting erection. Rather a combined approach will do wonders to solve the same.

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