4 Natural and Easy Ways You Can Last Longer in Bed

लिंग बूस्टर कैप्सूल

So you have trouble lasting longer in bed? Looking for how to have longer sex so you can pleasure your girl in ways she always dreams about? Well, no need to be embarrassed, because with some proven techniques you can last way much longer in bed easily. Here are some of them:

  1. Don’t jump in too early – One of the most popular reasons why lasting longer in bed is difficult is because men get into actual intercourse too early. It is not a secret that women need much longer time to reach climax. How can you give her that, if you have already climaxed yourself? Try to spend more time in the foreplay. Touches and kisses can help her get closer to the climax and therefore you lasting longer in bed shouldn’t be a problem.
  2. Not one position – In contrary to the belief that keeps changing the positions won’t work, it will. People who struggle with how to have longer sex should consider spending more time in a position that stimulates them less frequently. When combined in a mix of sexually charged up and less charged positions, lasting longer in bed shouldn’t be difficult to achieve.
  3. Do not rush – Patience is always the secret. Relax, take slower and deeper breaths. Enjoy the experience, do not rush, and get all excited with the pleasure over the penetration. That would only speed up your orgasm and you absolutely do not want that. Keeping pace during intercourse may be difficult when you first do it, but once you master the technique you wouldn’t have to go to for useless methods.
  4. Train to last longer – The problem is most of us are never trained to last longer. Usually, when men masturbate it only takes minutes. But when having sex, you need to learn how to have longer sex, much longer than what it takes to masturbate. Try methods like exercises to prevent premature ejaculation and losing stiffness of the penis. Simply practicing masturbating can work on having it last more than the usual few minutes.

Some other techniques include administering ayurvedic medicine for long time sex. One of the best alternatives to go with is Bigjack, Herbal supplements like Bigjack are powerful ayurvedic medicine for lasting longer in bed. Consisting of herbal ingredients like ashwagandha, shilajit, kaunch beej extracts, and more, this male sex health enhancer can be used to cure a variety of sex problems.

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