Natural Methods to Try to Increase Your Sex Time

Natural Methods to Try to Increase Your Sex Time

Are you asking how to increase your sex time? It’s a question asked by a lot of men who want a greater staying power during sex. You are probably not satisfying your woman in bed. Perhaps this situation is bringing a lot of discomfort to both you and your partner. Regardless of what this problem might be causing you, the fact of the matter is that there are natural methods to help you last longer in bed. Although there are a number of companies that claim that their product helps to boost sexual stamina, they are only a temporary and not a permanent fix to the problem of premature ejaculation.

Before your dive in to test these medications, it is best advised to try these natural methods first to see better results in lasting longer in bed:

  1. Extended foreplay – The easiest way to have your lovemaking last longer and to guarantee that your partner is pleased, you can maintain foreplay longer than normal. If the right actions are taken throughout foreplay, it can be the greatest lasting part of sexual intercourse. Partaking in extended foreplay additionally helps to get your partner as close as achievable to climaxing. You have to be very creative to bring about the best of it. Make use of your tongue, fingers, and other body parts to arouse and stimulate your woman. Foreplay can consist of massaging and stimulating whichever part of the woman’s body raises her sexual urge.
  2. Controlling your breathing – Once you understand how to regulate your breathing by breathing through your nose and taking deep breaths, you can decrease your level of excitement, bringing you back in complete control.
  3. Meditate – If you learn how to meditate can help your sex go on longer. It might seem ridiculous but this has been proven to be successful. After you train your mind, you can afterward train your body so you can go on longer in bed.
  4. Penetration – After your woman has had an orgasm or two throughout foreplay, it is time you enter her. As you penetrate her make gradual and steady thrusts. Gradual and deep thrusts will keep the penis deep inside the vagina limiting the friction and pressure on the penis head.
  5. Alter positions – Once you feel that you are close to climaxing, pull out and switch to another position. Throughout this period your penis will obtain a break and it gives you a few seconds to regain control. Execute this until you are convinced that your woman is absolutely pleased and it is safe for you to enjoy your turn.

If you don’t see any changes in your sexual life even after trying these methods for a few days, then you should probably go for all-natural supplements like BigJack. BigJack sex power increase medicine with its herbal consistency like ashwagandha, safed musli, shilajit, kaunch beej, vridikanda, etc. helps in enjoying a stronger sex drive, increased levels of energy, and better testosterone production without side effects. When you have high levels of testosterone, energy, and stamina levels you’ll be able to stay longer in bed.

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