Want to See Fast Penis Growth? Try This Exercise Along with Your Penis Enlargement Pills

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For centuries, men have wanted to enlarge their penis. In ancient times, the man with the larger penis was always regarded as the manliest of all men. Those with a small-sized penis were often mocked, bullied, and laughed at, not that it was their fault as it was, and is, all hereditary.

Today, there are exercises, penis enlargement devices, and herbal penis Enlargement pills to help men improve their sex lives. Many men are choosing to enlarge their penis in non-surgical ways. However, a concern always remains – is how soon can I see the results. If your mind is raising the same questions, here are a few effective techniques that you should follow to see faster, better results in your penis enlargement.

Penis enlargement exercises are one of the few known ways to enlarge the penis in both length and girth. A common exercise technique is called Jelqing, which is a centuries-old technique. It prevails from the middle-eastern countries where men did these exercises before getting married, to better please their wives. A typical Jelqing exercise session takes 10-20 minutes and is best performed 2-4 days per week.

How to Jelq?

Use these methods to successfully Jelq and see faster results:

Warm-up. Take a warm water cloth and wrap it around the penis for a few minutes. This brings blood flow to the penis and makes it easier and quicker to get into the semi-erect state. Apply some lubrication to your semi-erect penis. Then make an OK sign with your thumb and forefinger. Wrap your penis at the base with the OK sign intact. Slowly start stroking upwards toward the tip of the penis and come back down to the base. In the same slow and controlled manner repeat the exercise a couple of times. You can also use alternate hands when you feel tired.

Today, variations of Jelqing are common in many penis exercise programs. Exercises like jelqing help stretch and grow the blood-filling tissues of the penis. Combined with an effective penis enlargement pill like BigJack Extreme (last longer in bed pills), provides the herbal nutrients needed to improve blood flow to fill these new areas of tissue and speed up your gains. They have similar effects to those that bodybuilders take to increase their muscle gains from exercising which adds new muscle mass and tissue.

Doctors and nutritional experts have worked together to understand and back the efficacy of Ayurvedic & herbal penis enlargement pills like BigJack extreme. There are now very powerful blends of Ayurvedic plant & mineral extracts that are designed to increase your erection hardness and sexual performance with zero negative side effects.

Combining herbal penis pills and penis enlargement exercises work together to compound your gains more quickly and effectively than either technique used alone. If a man takes penis enhancement pills and exercises, he should be careful about not exercising too much. It is also important to know what level of intensity and workout frequency is best for you to achieve your size goals but take it easy to avoid any injury.

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