The Cheat Code to Last Longer in Bed

sex power tablet for men

At a certain point in life, every man comes across this question, “How can I last longer in bed?” In fact, this question is as concerning as the size of your tool. And it’s true that not lasting longer in bed or premature ejaculation is extremely frustrating. But you are not the one who have suffered it or would suffer it. Most men even in their 20s and 30s experience it. So, not only it is quite normal but there are viable solutions to overcome it. For instance, the intake of hard rock capsules. The Ayurvedic composition of Bigjack hard rock capsules as the name suggests helps you have harder erections and enables you last long in bed. These capsules have been formulated by using aphrodisiac ingredients like Ashwagandha, Kaunch Beej, Shilajit, Shatavari, and more that help boost your libido and most importantly improve your stamina. However, for effective results, you always need to combine supplementation with workout and other techniques. Here we are going to discuss a few of them:

sex power tablet for men

  1. Masturbate Before Sex: This is a very effective and common technique to last long in bed. It goes like this. When you have not ejaculated recently, your prostate is fully engorged and even the slightest touch or stimulation will make you ejaculate. Some men get turned on in a jiffy over a touch and end up climaxing within two minutes of penetration. It happens and all because you have it all there accumulated which needs to go out. So, masturbating just before sex will help you get rid of pent up fluid in the urinary tract and hence last longer in bed. However, if it still doesn’t work, check out the safest way to achieve it by adding hard rock capsules in your diet.
  2. Don’t Thrust Hastily: Most men make this mistake. They keep their focus on thrusting hard, thinking that hard thrusting will give their partner more satisfaction. However, this isn’t exactly true. There are more ways to do it. There are so many nerve endings on vaginal entrance, which when massaged with the tip of penis give ultimate pleasure to the female participant in sex. So, it’s about changing your penetration technique and with this change, you will delay the time it takes you to reach the climax.
  3. Squeeze Your Tool Before Sex: Sex is a joyful activity and many times men get too engrossed in the bliss that they actually forget they have to satisfy their partners as well. So, in this process, they very quickly inch closer to ejaculation. But, this can be paused by stopping and squeezing just below the head of penis when you are about to ejaculate. This helps pushing the blood flow out of penis and decreases stimulation for some time. And if you can repeat it a couple of times, that is all what you need to increase your sex time.

Thus, these are a few techniques when you are into the process of lovemaking. Opting for certain food, regular exercises, and supplementing with Bigjack Hard Rock Capsules are other effective ways to not only improve your performance but also answer the dreaded question, how long you will last. Wish you a happy sex life!

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