How to Spark Up Sex in a Long-term Relationship

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It used to be cool when you just met your partner. The feeling was different. From butterflies in the stomach to long nights of phone sex and then actually landing up in bed together, it all wnt like a fairy tale. And it went on. The charm of meeting someone new and then getting laid with them continues for long. However, it starts fading away after a few years. Especially when you get married, you wake up beside them every day. Both of you get used to each other and that special experience in bed slowly goes away – not just because of monotony but because of physical changes over the years. But one thing that has saved so many relationships and has kept the spark in them alive is long time sex capsules. Long time sex capsules pump you up for long lasting sexual activity. These capsules work on your penile muscles to make them strong and improve your erections, making them harder and long-lasting. However, in conjunction with the intake of long time sex capsules, there are a few other factors as well which contribute to a better sex life. Let’s explore:

  • Workout Together: This one is a vital step to improve a couple’s chemistry, which goes a long way to spice things up in bed. Working out will not only have a positive impact on your overall and sexual health but it will also improve the connection that both of you have. It kind of brings a new spark to the relationship as both of you work together on a common goal.
  • Go Out of Bedroom: It’s been a few years that you have been together and most of the intimate sessions that you had happened in the bedroom. But now, it’s time to move out somewhere you have never done it. Your washroom for instance. Or maybe your lobby, maybe just by leaning against a wall, a couch, or on your terrace. Try something new and see how it works. The addition of long time sex capsules in your dietary regime is a big plus.
  • Try New Positions: Ask anyone about their regular sex position and they will just reply – missionary. But intimacy is about being creative. You can’t just stick to missionary all the time and expect a blissful experience. You need to make changes. Try other positions like doggy style, girl on top, cowgirl, legs in the air, and more. The newness will bring in more fun and joy.
  • Change your Diet: At every stage of life, you cannot go with the same kind of dietary routine. As you age, your testosterone levels decline naturally. So, in order to be better at sex, add foods that help raise testosterone levels in your body. Foods like spinach, banana, nuts, garlic, onions, milk and dairy products, etc. go a long way to improve male health. And as you make changes to your diet, also add long time sex capsules in your dietary regime. You will witness a supercharged body and superb performer in yourself.

Summing up, everyone comes across a low point in their sex life. But it does not mean that sexual performance cannot be improved. Try these tips and add Bigjack long time sex capsules in your dietary regime. You will see the change yourself.

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