Increase your Playtime in Summer with Sex Power Ayurvedic Medicine

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A lot of people say that summer isn’t the ideal season for sex. Of course, winter is more favorable to heat up and show your power to your partner. But summer isn’t that bad, provided you know which sex position you need to follow and at which place you need to have sex. There is a bucket list of positions you can try, keeping the ambience cool. But if you feel low on power and stamina, which usually happens in summers, try sex power ayurvedic medicine from Bigjack. Before we delve into details of sex power medicine, let’s explore how you can spice things up in summer and yet keep it cool:

  • The Woman on Top Position: Sit down with your legs extended and ask your partner to sit on top of them. Get closer to your partner and penetrate your penis in her vulva. Thrust slowly and let the pleasure touch its peak.
  • Sex in the Pool: Summer and pool is a great combination. But make sure, it is a private pool. Take your partner to the pool and undress her slowly. You will have the most sensuous time of your life. But sex in the pool requires additional power and stamina as thrusting under water takes the real test of your strength. Sex power ayurvedic medicine will go a long way to build up your stamina.
  • Girl Wearing a Dress: Sex is not just about having intercourse and taking pleasure. It is also about exploring a new realm altogether. Add a funny challenge to your sex life and see things getting more enjoyable. Just like the one where your gal is wearing a nice dress and you have to slide your fingers through it to caress her. It is the fun of not undressing her and yet making your genitals rub against each other’s. And the best part is you can have it anywhere. At home, in a hotel room, in an elevator, in the kitchen or any other place for that matter. But when you have to stand and deliver, you need the support of sex power ayurvedic medicine to take maximum pleasure out of it.
  • On a Vacation: Summer is possibly the best time to have a vacation. Go out in the mountains or a hilly area. You will not only find relief from the hot weather but also a perfect recipe to have great sex. Cool weather and mountains are a perfect combination to explore sensuality.
  • Take her to the Shower: How can you forget your bathroom? The ultimate place to get rid of heat and release your sexual tension. Take a shower with your partner, find a safe corner, and make her lean against the wall. Begin with the foreplay and slowly get down. You will have a good time when cold water drops intermingle with your big activity.

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But amid all this, what’s the use of sex power ayurvedic medicine? Bigjack sex power ayurvedic medicine carries a natural formulation made of Ayurvedic ingredients that help improving your sexual stamina, strengthen your penile muscles, and enable you have erections for long. It is a composition absolutely safe for regular consumption. So, just bang-bang in summers.


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