What is the Best Method to Last Longer During Sex?

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The problem of premature ejaculation is quite common for men. The phenomenon is also named the rapid or early ejaculation, rapid climax, and premature climax. The problem occurs as the man ejaculates before he or his partner wishes him to ejaculate. According to Sex therapists citing from statistics, any ejaculation that occurs within two minutes of penetration can be properly termed as premature ejaculation. Many adult males who are blighted with this condition are wanting to go about making sex last longer for themselves and their partners. I hope this article will help you in that regard.

Premature ejaculation can lead to bad sex life, and it influences the emotional well-being of the man and also his partner. Learning to control ejaculation is the key to making sex last longer. There are various reasons why premature ejaculation occurs. Psychological and environmental conditions play a vital role in influencing the time of ejaculation.

Performance anxiety is the biggest psychological reason for premature ejaculation in most men. The hurt feelings, unresolved disputes, mental distance, or communication breakdown with the partner may well result in early ejaculation. Social problems, financial stress, or pressure at the workplace may also lead to early ejaculation problems. The physical problems may be the reason for the ailment as well.

There are various treatments that can be administered to a man to enable him to make sex last longer. The not-so-critical, general cases involve counselling by the sex therapist to get rid of the mental inhibition towards sex and exercises to develop control over the ejaculation. Serious patients are required to have clinical treatment. The sex therapists administer different medications to the patient to find the most suitable one for the patient. The medications help in reducing the rate of arousal in the man. Slower arousal results in greater time for the ejaculation to occur.

However, a few simple tricks can make a person effectively achieve a longer period of ejaculation. A slower rate of activity and deep breathing through the nose help in decreasing the sexual arousal that triggers ejaculation. This type of exercise may take some time to fully master but it’s definitely worth it and will help in making sex last longer.

Closing the eyes and thinking about something mundane and far removed from the act, helps in controlling the ejaculation immensely. Wearing a condom also reduces the level of sexual arousal and helps make sex last longer. Herbal medication is also the last recommended option for treating the problem of rapid climax. BigJack is one of the best sex medicine tablet for men, that contains herbal ingredients like ashwagandha, shilajit, musli, launch been etc. that works effectively in increasing your stamina and hence longer time in bed.

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