Tips to have an Unforgettable Sexual Experiences

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Some say it’s the size of your tool and others claim that it is an undying stamina that makes for an unforgettable experience in bed. Yet others believe that the gist of excitement lies in foreplay. Well, satisfying a woman in bed is a herculean task. However, what is it that makes her crave for someone again and again? Certainly, an unforgettable experience that made her moan – one where her partner lasted longer and kept her excited throughout. But why it isn’t happening with you? This is where this blog post will help you. While you must certainly add medicine for long lasting in bed in your dietary regime,

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here is a list of tips that you must follow to give her the sexual experience she craves for:

  • Impress Her with Words: The way you talk to her puts a deep impact on her psyche about your personality and how you would make love with her. Girls like to be chased and talked about. So, make her feel good about her looks and her body. Talk dirty to her but don’t make it a trash talk. Once she is impressed with your dialogues, she will start craving for your presence near her back of the mind.
  • Surprise Her: You can’t just get dirty in the bedroom. Do it where she least expects it. Pull her from behind when she is in the kitchen. Lay down with her on the floor. Do it on the stairs. Get into the washroom to make things wet. Go an extra mile to get drunk but just a little bit. Girls love surprises. And when you thrust her for long at an unusual place, she will never forget the blissful experience. Make sure you take medicine for long lasting to make your surprise powerful.
  • Don’t Rush: You have to show her an entire movie before the climax. So, don’t rush. Get into an extended foreplay mode. Kiss her, nip her, caress her, play with her, pull her hair, and nibble her nipples. Keep building on the excitement till she herself asks you to move down there. Invest in her pleasure in order to make her desire you more and more. However, if you rush during intercourse, you better prepare yourself first with medicine for long lasting in bed.
  • Positions Matter: Let us guess your favorite position. Missionary, right? But that alone shouldn’t be. Sticking to just one position kills all the excitement. You need to keep switching in order to make her excitement levels touch the sky. And it doesn’t take much. Just be good with a handful, say 3 or 4 positions and you can make her go rock and roll.
  • Thrust Her Hard: Be a gentleman in the morning but a slayer in bed. You need to thrust her hard in order to make her reach the peak of bliss. And that too has to be long enough. For longevity of the main event, you can bank upon medicine for long lasting in bed and of course try other measures such as being pro at your pull off game, keeping yourself in control, stressing less, and keeping your lifestyle habits good.

In conclusion, unforgettable sexual experiences are difficult to come by. But certainly not impossible, if you follow some pro tips and add medicine for long lasting in bed in your dietary regime.

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