The Best Techniques to Help You Control Ejaculation

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Knowing how to control ejaculation is vital if you are to maintain a healthy sexual relationship. It is a sad but true fact that hardly anyone will stay in a relationship where the sex is unfulfilling. For no matter how kind, charming or attractive you may be, it is a known fact that people, hardly ever continue on in a relationship where they are sexually unfulfilled. Even if they do stay, it is almost certain they will eventually go outside that relationship for fulfillment. Being sexually unfulfilled is very frustrating and this sexual frustration leads to tension in the relationship which in turn leads to constant argument and eventual separation.

Remember premature ejaculation will not only negatively affect you, your partners’ happiness and the future of your relationships are also at stake. But thankfully there are methods available that can quickly and easily address these issues by showing how to control sperms for a long time and have better sex.

Breathing technique – It’s our natural reaction to breathe faster when we’re about to cum. Try to take a deep breath and try to relax as much as you can. Feel that you are in control. This will help you last longer than usual.

Special condoms – There are specially made condoms with desensitizing cream in them that delays your ejaculation. Be careful with this though that it may not come in contact with your eyes or the female organs of your partner because it will make your job very difficult.

Distraction technique – When you feel that you’re about to come soon, try not to think about sex. Some people think about nonsexual things and while it may desensitize you for a little while, it takes away the pleasure of having sex. What I actually suggest is that you concentrate on the sensation that you are feeling. A cardinal rule to remember here is not to think about coming. It’s difficult but once you’ve mastered it, it works wonders.

Different positions – The sexual positions that make men come faster are the missionary and the doggy style position. Try a lot of variations before these favorite positions. Change position when you feel that you’re about to come. It will not only make you last longer but also makes your partner more excited.

Squeeze technique – You can do this with the help of your partner or you can do this by yourself. When you are on the verge of ejaculation, squeeze the head of your penis for 10 or so seconds. You will lose your erection but you’ll not ejaculate if done correctly. After doing this is the perfect time to do more foreplay or go down on her.

If you don’t see any changes in your sexual life even after trying these methods for a few days, then you should probably go for sperm late release tablet like BigJack. BigJack medicine with its herbal consistency like ashwagandha, safed musli, shilajit, kaunch beej, vridikanda, etc. helps in enjoying a stronger sex drive, increased levels of energy, and better testosterone production without side effects. When you have high levels of testosterone, energy, and stamina levels you’ll be able to stay longer in bed.

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