The Best Route to Have Most Pleasurable Sex

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You will have to admit the fact that penis is the most favourite part of your body. Isn’t it? And rightly so, it takes you to the journey of ultimate pleasure and bliss. But, wait! You might have been having pleasure by making use of your tool; however, have you ever considered if your partner is getting equally pleased? Do you know from the size of your penis to how you penetrate it in her, to what you think while having sex or the surroundings you are getting intimate in – all of it influences yours and your partner’s pleasure during the main event? We do have special tips for all other factors, but for size, you can bank upon penis enlargement medicine. We are not emphasizing that you need to have a gigantic penis in order to impress your girl. However, penis of a decent size does make a considerable difference during sexual activity and overall satisfaction.

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Here, we are recollecting some tips to help you have the most pleasurable sex:

  1. The Magic of Aroma: Believe it or not but pleasant aroma in the room or place you are making love in helps boosting your sex drive. Ever seen people lighting fragrant candles in their bedroom or making use of air fresheners? There is a thing with aroma, a magical effect. In fact, many people are of the opinion that lavender fragrance in particular enhances your sex drive by 40%.
  2. Keep your Penis Nourished: Nothing works best for sex other than a strong and healthy penis. So, you have got to keep it nourished and in good health. Try adding penis enlargement medicine in your dietary regime and you will experience increase in the size of your penis, strengthening of your penile muscles, and erections that are hard and last long. So, when your tool is in good health, it is sure to be used at its best.
  3. Don’t Forget the Foreplay: While your penis can get erect within minutes, the flip side is you also have to arouse your partner and make her clitoris become erect in order to have pleasurable sex. Foreplay prepares her for this. Do enough of kissing, hugging, and caressing in order to prepare her for the big event. And make sure you hit the right spots to make her feel ready for sex.
  4. Start a Fitness Routine: For sexual activity, it is very important for both partners to have increased blood flow to their genital area. Exercising or any sporting or physical activity for that matter helps keep the body’s blood circulation intact. In fact, if you do a physical activity right before sexual activity, you are likely to give better performance.

Summing up, pleasurable sex demands various things to be done right. However, the most important of them all is to keep your penile health in good shape. Regular intake of penis long and strong medicine from Bigjack will help you go a long way to enjoy a blissful sex life.

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