Not Giving Orgasms to your Partner? Try Sex Power Medicine

sex power medicine

Not Giving Orgasms to your Partner? Try Sex Power Medicine

Many of us learnt about sex watching movies and videos online. These fictional movies show an orgasm as simple as penetrating. But that is not the truth. It’s not easy to give a woman an orgasm. What she needs is power, your ability to thrust hard & fast and slowing down when needed. It is about lasting long and hitting the right spots. While it comes with experience, what it also demands is your internal power. Supplementing with a sex power medicine is the right way to achieve it. However, you have got to figure out what your partner is looking for. Is she faking her orgasms? Is she vocal about being unsatisfied? Here are few tips to help you with it.

Talk to Her: The best way to reach where your partner wants you to reach is by having a conversation with her. Ask her what she needs while having sex and how she needs it. Research says only 20% women orgasm merely with penetration. But most of them need stimulation in their clitoris, longer foreplay to charge up, and others. If she wants you to stay in for long, you should think about taking sex power medicine for long time sex.

Look for Better Ways to Pleasure Her: Many a times, sex becomes boring. Why? It is because you have been doing it in a similar fashion, in the same place and most probably with the same frequency. Try to change the place where you are having sex. Go out of your bedroom. Find comfort in the drawing room, do it inclined on a wall, spend more time in foreplay. See if it helps her. Make sex power medicines your permanent companion and you are good to go.

sex power medicine

Supplement: Sometimes it is not just about them, it is all about you. What if the way you thrust her isn’t impactful at all? What if she is hesitant to share your weak performance with you just not to disappoint you? So, before she accepts that you don’t have that zest in you, go for a powerful supplement. Sex power medicine from Bigjack is the one you should be considering for regular intake.

What is Sex Power Medicine?

Simply as the name suggests, sex power medicine is a special supplement containing Ayurvedic ingredients to enhance your sexual ability. This medicine works on your penis to enable it stay erect for long, strengthen its muscles, and endow you with that internal power.

How to Take Sex Power Medicine?

It is recommended to take two capsules a day after meals with lukewarm water or milk. However, it is advised to consult a healthcare expert in case of any underlying health condition.

Summing up, there could be several reasons for your partner’s dissatisfaction with sex. However, by being creative and fueling yourself with the right sex nutrition, you can bring joy & orgasm back into her life. And remember to be patient with this process. Go easy and take Bigjack Sex Power Medicine regularly for sustained benefits in bed. Wish you a happy sex life.

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