Filling the Orgasm Gap with Stay Hard for Longer Pills

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Have you ever noticed that there is a thing called orgasm gap? Or have you ever observed that it takes you less time to orgasm as compared to your partner? What’s more is your partner sometimes doesn’t orgasm at all while you do it within 5-6 minutes of sexual activity. Well, that is what defines an orgasm gap. But why does that happen? It is because your partner needs deep penetration and strong stimulation to reach the orgasmic state. And that is possible only when you know how to keep your penis hard for long. If there are any difficulties with that process, you can take stay hard for longer pills. These pills improve your sexual health.

man power capsules

On an average, it takes women around 18 minutes to experience an orgasm. That means you must be up for at least 18 minutes of sexual activity. Otherwise, you may miss out on your partner satisfaction. However, here are some tips that you may help you last longer in bed:

  • Turn Her On: The more turned on she is, the better she is likely to have an orgasm. But how do you do it? It is where foreplay comes into play. Foreplay is the first step to have satisfying sex. But it is also true that some men ejaculate during foreplay and miss out on the main event. This is where stay hard for longer pills come into the picture. They increase the time you navigate through the intercourse and help you win over your partner’s satisfaction.
  • Longer Penetration: For an orgasm to happen in women, a man needs to penetrate her deep and long – hitting the G-spot. So, after foreplay as you go down there, the longer you penetrate, the better it is. Remember, you need to stay in and play the game for at least 10 minutes. In comes the Bigjack stay hard for longer pills a safe sexual dietary supplement to help men make the most of their sexual lives and please their partners.
  • Try Something New: Sex should not be monotonous. If it is, it will always end up in dissatisfaction, especially among the female partners. So, you have to keep things spicy. Just for instance, go out of the bedroom. Say in the bathroom, on the terrace, in the drawing room, on a couch – there are so many possibilities. Keeping things spicy goes a long way to make your partner excited. And more excitement means better possibilities of orgasm.

Summing up, in order to have better sex, you need to fill the orgasm gap. That is only what will make your partner satisfied. If other tricks do not work, simply incorporate stay hard for longer pills in your dietary routine and you will end up victorious.


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