Best And Safe Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

best medicine for erectile dysfunction without side effects

Easy And Safe Methods For Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is defined as impotence, it is a condition in which a man unable to get a firm erection or have the inability to get an erection and perform satisfactory during intimacy. Erectile dysfunction can happen at any phase or age, but it is more common in 50 to 60 years of men.

Mechanism of erectile dysfunction-

The penis contains two cylinder-shaped chambers known as corpora cavernosa, which runs along the length of the penis. They contain arteries that bring the blood to the penis and veins which take the blood away from the penis.

During sexual stimulation, our brain sends a message to the nerves in the penile area to cause the relaxation of the penile arteries. This improves the blood flow towards the penis and making it harder or stronger.

There is simultaneous contraction of specialized muscles located in the penis which compresses the veins and decreases the blood flow from the penis thereby helping to endure erection. This is clear now that anything that interferes with either nerve impulses anywhere from the brain down to the penis or anything that restricts the blood flow to the penis can result in erectile dysfunction.

best medicine for erectile dysfunction without side effects

Causes of erectile dysfunction (ED)-

There are many factors that are responsible for erectile dysfunction like unhealthy habits, physical reasons, and psychological reasons-

  • Physical factors for ED include vascular diseases, diabetes, neurological disorders, trauma, and adverse effects of certain medications.
  • Psychological reasons for ED include stress, anxiety, depression, and low confidence.
  • Unhealthy habits of smoking, use of nicotine products, and alcohol consumption are the main reason for erectile dysfunction in men.

Different ways to treat erectile dysfunction-

Lifestyle changes- There are certain lifestyle changes that help in the improvement of sexual functions and performance. Regular exercise, quit smoking, a balanced diet, proper sleep, and vitamin D good for overall health.

Medications- There are many ED medications like Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Vardenafil, and Avanafil good for the treatment of impotence and improves sexual performance by offering harder or stiffer erection.

Vacuum pumps- They are specific devices containing a cylinder and a pump. The penis is placed in the cylinder and the pump is used to draw the air out of the pump. This help in improving the blood flow to the penile region and creates a harder erection in men.

Psychotherapy- Erectile dysfunction is a difficult problem to deal with. So it is important for you to discuss the problem with your partner and talk to a doctor for safe and effective treatment.

Herbal methods- Several healthy and nutritional ingredients like protein, phosphorus, iron, calcium, and vitamins offer intense aphrodisiac effects.

Physical exercise- Regular exercise like walking, jogging, running and kegel exercise helps in curing erectile malfunctioning and it is also good for your healthy heart.

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