6 Easy Tips for Lasting Longer in Bed

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How long do you last in bed? Is one of the firing questions, men today are not ready to confront. There are several reasons to it why men are not being able to enjoy sexual intercourse the way they want. Be it the duration that they last or the satisfactory way they direct their intercourse, men are frustrated by the shorter duration they are spending in bed.

Often men think of problem areas like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, lower testosterone levels, and lack of libido among others as the key reasons behind why they are lack in bed. However, common factors like stress, fatigue, consumption of cigarettes and alcohol and even lower count of intercourses can also be the reason behind it.

Just like all other problems, there are also solutions to it. For men looking for foolproof solutions for staying hard in bed, there are several natural methods which are proven to show results. Apart from a few lifestyle changes, there are also some herbal medicine for sexually long time lasting in bed. Let’s take a look at them:

  1. Let your hair down: Take profound breaths and loosen up your body during lovemaking. It is proven to assist with easing untimely ejaculation brought about by nervousness or tensions. A few studies have found that that drinking one glass of red wine before sex can assist with relaxing their body.
  2. Don’t let the thoughts overpower you: When you are in the mood, don’t press your mind on the things that you’ll be doing in bed. Having too incredible thoughts on lovemaking can likewise make you finish early. Occupy yourself by pondering different things like games, vehicle fix or office work. Make a point to remain quiet about the idea in particular and not share it with your partner until you’re both free and relaxed.
  3. Stop and start: This essentially has a comparative impact. Stopping your stimulation when you’re about to discharge and then starting it again after a small pause can help you stay in action for a longer time then what you anticipated. However, the success of this exercise entirely depends upon your willpower and timing. If you tried this technique while masturbating, things could be favourable for you in bed too.
  4. Wear a condom: Condoms are not just utilized for preventing undesirable pregnancy or physically transmitted diseases; they are likewise useful in aiding you to remain hard and last long in bed. Utilizing a condom, sexual sensation will be diminished, hence delaying your lovemaking. Truth be told, men who face problems like premature ejaculation are frequently encouraged to utilize thicker condoms.
  5. Try different positions: There are various sexual positions that you can try to help you stay longer in bed. A few positions like, the missionary is known to make men arrive at climax quicker. Switching to creative positions like having your lady on top may assist you to be more active since this position expects her to be more dynamic. Changing positions will also provide you opportunities to stop and think and loosen up a bit.
  6. Try herbal supplements: Natural supplements for boosting testosterone levels and sex drive in men are made with ayurvedic ingredients that have been used to cure sexual problems, since ages. A ayurvedic medicine for sexually long time lasting in bed contains ashwgandha, safed muesli, shilajit and more, which have been extensively known for their transformative powers.


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