5 Everyday Things that Lead to Low Sex Performance

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Nobody ever anticipates sexual troubles coming their way. But more often than not, it occurs suddenly without giving a warning sign. So, one can never be prepared enough. However, as men we can certainly mend some of our lifestyle habits and avoid practicing them so that such situations that lead to low sexual performance never arise. While we will discuss what lifestyle changes you need to do, for instant relief from these issues, you can certainly try time & size increase medicine. As a matter of fact, time & size increase medicine can help you at any age in life and help you regain your youthful power.

testosterone booster for erectile dysfunction

Let us now explore what everyday things you need to avoid for keeping your sexual health intact:

  1. Being Laidback: Maybe you have just started being laidback recently all because of your need to stay at home due to pandemic. But one thing is certain; it will affect your sexual health overtime. Eating unhealthy and following an uneven sleeping pattern with little to no exercise not only drives you towards obesity but also towards a poor sex drive. If you have noticed such signs of late, start consuming time & size increase medicine to quickly regain your youthful self.
  2. Smoking: You know smoking is a dangerous stress buster. The use of excessive tobacco leads to poor health and also affects blood flow in the body. This leads to poor blood flow in your genitals, which lead to problems like erectile dysfunction.
  3. Being Stressed: Undoubtedly, our lives are stressful. But that doesn’t mean that we should stay stressful all the time. Conditions like excessive stress, anxiety, and depression have adverse effects on our sexual health. Mental health issues play with your subconscious mind and make it difficult for you to perform in bed. So, always try to stay calm. Keep yourself engaged in hobbies and physical activities so that stress stays away from you. If you are already noticing adverse effects of stress in bed, immediately supplement with time & size increase medicine, consult your doctor and try to be as calm as possible.
  4. Alcohol Intake: Excessive alcohol takes a toll on your sexual health. It affects your power to develop an erection. However, it also doesn’t mean that occasional drinks should also be avoided. Some occasional alcohol intake is fine, but excessive indulgence in alcohol that too on a daily basis is what will have its consequences.
  5. Being Overweight: People who are fat are mostly not confident in bed, which becomes a reason of their poor sex performance. Being overweight also leads to developing body image issues and feeling lethargic. This hampers their sex drive. So, try keeping your weight in control.

Summing up, your sexual performance is pretty much about the things you do every day. If you follow right lifestyle habits, chances are you will sustain a healthy sex life as well. However, if a sexual problem has suddenly knocked your door, try time & size increase medicine by Bigjack and you will experience fantastic results.

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