3 Important Factors Women Look at in Men’s Penis Sizes

3 Important Factors Women Look at in Men's Penis Sizes

Though men have different penis sizes, the global average is mostly around to four to the six-inch range. That’s perfectly normal and average. However, there are many men out there who fall outside that range, whether large or small. The good news is that women view men of a good size as a person who has something to offer. Let’s understand what women exactly want from a large penis size –

  1. Women prefer sizes that are manageable and handful. Studies show that women tend to prefer a size that fills their entire handful when a man is having a full erection. This means they look for a penis that will be easily manageable when things are getting hot. Looking at the typical female’s hand that corresponds with the typical penis size of anything from 6-7 inches.
  2. They prefer more width than length. Most women prefer a penis that is wider rather than one that is longer. This point stands true for aging couples, as the vaginal muscle starts sagging it is the width that matters more than the length. It subsequently makes your sex life more enticing for the years to come. In addition, it’s important to remember that the most intense nerve-endings in the vagina are in the first three inches or so, which makes a penis with a wider girth more than adequate for the job.
  3. Women prefer penis size not just for sexual intercourse. Sure, bigger sizes penetrate better, but when women think of penis size, they look at other factors like how easy will it be to have oral sex or even anal sex? In this case, a man with a very large penis proves to be a lot of fun, as the woman will have more to enjoy herself and please her man. Many women have confirmed that men with 7-8 inches are good to have oral or anal sex.

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