Summer foods to help maintain stronger erections

Summer foods to help maintain stronger erections

If you’re struggling to last longer in bed or maintain hard erections for sexual intercourse, your diet could have something to do with it. Physiological factors such as stress, medical history, poor lifestyle, and ongoing treatment are considered to be prime contributors to premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. But, including certain foods in your diet can help boost libido, and physical stamina and allows you to maintain rock-hard erections during a sexual act. Here are a few foods that you should make part of your libido-boosting diet regimes.


Sex experts reveal that people who eat foods rich in L-citrulline are rated higher for the hardness and duration of their penile erections. The onset of summer brings you an opportunity to include summer fruits rich in L-citrulline. Some of them are watermelon, musk-melon, and cucumbers. These nutrient-rich foods enhance not only your sex power but keeps you hydrated all day long and beat the summer heat. If you’re looking for bringing some mushy fun to foreplay, spread some crushed melons on your partner’s body and give her some oral orgasms.


Bromelain, an enzyme in Pineapple is known for its testosterone-boosting properties in men. Eating a bowl of pineapple salad every day can give you the required punch of sex drive you need to perform as a night king in bed. Besides, vitamin C in pineapples strengthens your immune system and increases physical stamina for long-lasting sex.


Pumped up with vitamin A and C, peaches are revered for their sex-boosting properties. While healthful minerals in peaches help men to sustain physical energy during sexual intercourse, vitamin C found in the humble fruit helps increase sperm count and prevent infertility. Moreover, peaches find a special place in the foreplay due to their pretty sensual shape.


Aside from being a commonly used sext emoji, eggplants are loaded with zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6, all of which are crucial for sexual health in both men and women. Vitamin B6 in eggplant helps regulate sex hormones levels, thus providing an intimate boost.


Arugula, commonly known as the rocket is a lustful leafy green vegetable that skyrockets your sex drive in no time. Nitric oxide in this vegetable helps men to maintain stronger erections of the penis for longer and thrill their women with multiple intense orgasms.

These are a few summer fruits that make a wonderful addition to your sex-boosting diet regimes. If you’re looking for natural remedies to help you achieve harder erections and last longer in bed, include these foods in your diet. Moreover, starting herbal testosterone boosters that contain sex-boosting herbs such as Bigjack capsules can give you an additional boost of energy, libido, and confidence to please your partner with excellent bedtime performance.

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