5 Techniques For a Long-Lasting & Pleasurable Sex Experience

5 techniques for a long-lasting & pleasurable sex experience

For men, only a few more things are frustrating in life than premature ejaculation and lack of energy during sex. It sucks for you and your partner as well. It’s embarrassing, it’s unexpected, and turns what’s supposed to be most pleasurable into the most disappointing experiences of your life. No one wants I am sorry at any point, before, during, or after sex. While sexual problems such as premature ejaculation are frustrating, they’re extremely common. Luckily, there are ways to avoid such issues and last longer in bed. Here are a few of them.

Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles

You’ve likely heard of Kegels, an exercise that makes your pubococcygeal (PC) muscles of the pelvic floor go through a series of contractions and relaxation. Your gym trainer can help you to learn how to expand and contract your PC muscles, tighten and hold for a count of 10, then release. Performing 10 sets of Kegels every day helps achieve heightened ejaculatory control and makes you last longer in bed.

Control your thrusting

There are numerous ways you can make sex pleasurable without thrusting like a jackrabbit. Massage the tip of your penis in her clitoral hood or focus on the nerve endings in her vagina instead of emphasizing how deep you can go into her. Besides, pressing your penis against the G-spot of your lady love not only makes her moan but allows you to delay ejaculation.

Switch things up

Instead of picking one position and pounding, try alternating configurations to hold yourself back from ejaculating too quickly. Changing positions during intercourse gives you a little bit of ‘time off ’when your penis is not being stimulated. But, choose a position that is comfortable for both you and your partner.

Go herbal

Nowadays, ads for penis-enlargement products are everywhere right from the internet to flyers and brochures. While most of them claim to increase penis length and ejaculation time, harmful chemicals in such synthetic products may affect your overall health adversely. You must not compromise with the quality of sex-enhancement supplements and should check them for certifications and safety. Sex therapists often suggest taking herbal testosterone boosters over synthetic ones due to their superior effectiveness and safety. Nowadays, you can buy herbal long-lasting bed pills by reputed brands online at the best price. Bigjack is one of the trusted, safe, and effective ayurvedic medicines for sexual problems available online. Give this one a try and get ready to have a satisfying bedroom performance.

Try edging

Delaying ejaculation during masturbation is one of the most effective ways to train yourself to last longer during sex. It is known as edging and makes one of the easiest ways to prevent premature ejaculation during a sexual encounter with your partner.


Premature ejaculation can be embarrassing and disappointing. But, it’s pretty common in men of all ages. Luckily, there are many methods to last longer in bed including exercises, supplements, and medications. You may also talk to your partner and work on the issue mutually. And if nothing seems to work, see a sex therapist or book an appointment with your doctor.

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