Ways to give your lady love multiple and intense orgasms

Ways to give your lady love multiple and intense orgasms

Are you feeling passionate about giving your female partner a series of intense orgasms? Women, unlike men, do not need a reloading phase and can get another orgasm within a minute of the previous one. And this makes it a tough challenge for men to win over their partner’s satisfaction. Don’t worry! Here, we will be covering a few tips to help you make your woman feel lucky that she has got you as a passionate lover with incredible qualities to make sex an unforgettable moment for her.

Keep the sexual tension a notch higher

Desire is a lot similar to hunger, the more likely you would want it. Keep her in the mood by sending her that arousing text, showing some PDA, or stealing a touch when no one’s around or watching. This will help her to keep in the mood just right by the time you get to bed.

Give her some time to rest

After her first climax, her clitoris will become super sensitive and requires some time to relax.  That’s a time to pay attention to other erogenous zones of her body. Whisper sweet things into her ear before you’re all set to make a big move.

Keep her up for a second round

Keep her aroused while giving some rest to her clitoris. Talk dirty or give sexy compliments in between so that the pace of her excitement does not go down for a moment. Now, you can again stimulate her genitals by increasing the pace and moderating the pressure.

Try something different

To give your lady love a series of intense orgasms, try something different. Experiment with her erogenous parts and change sex positions in between for longer and stronger orgasms. For instance, you can try a woman on top or spooning. Sex experts believe that even stimulating her nipples can give her a big O.

Hold your erections strong and long

Apart from keeping your woman aroused by experimenting with her erogenous zones and its super essential for you to keep a check on your sexual health. If you’re experiencing symptoms like early ejaculation, low sex drive, or low sperm count; you’re required to try some natural ways to combat such issues. There are several remedies such as exercise, penis massages, getting adequate sleep, eating healthful foods, and many others. Besides, male enlargement supplements, especially those containing sex-boosting herbs such as Ashwagandha, Safed Musli, Shilajit, Kaunch beej, and Ashwagandha can help you maintain stronger erections. Nowadays, many healthcare companies are coming up with penis enlargement pills and oils that claim to improve penis size, quality, and time of your penile erections. However, you need to check the safety, credibility, and reviews of such products before picking any of them. Herbal testosterone boosters such as Bigjack are often considered safer than synthetic ones. Do thorough research beforehand before picking any sex-boosting supplement available online.

These are a few ways that can help you make your lady love moan multiple times during a sexual encounter. Follow these tips to keep her hooked and enjoy a series of intense orgasms.

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