Tips on improving sexual stamina and performance

Tips on improving sexual stamina and performance

How to increase sexual stamina is a common question for every man looking forward to making their partner happy. These stressful times have made the state of comfort a mere wish for people. In such situations, getting intimate with your lady partner can help lower stress and fatigue. Nowadays, many men experience low sexual desire and physical stamina due to several physiological factors.

When we talk about sexual stamina, it refers to the time men can last in bed. On average, men take 5-10 minutes to orgasm and ejaculate, while women are two to three times slower in reaching orgasm than men. The difference in sex time is a challenge for both. Since intimacy plays an important role in defining the success of a romantic relationship, we decided to bring you some tips on how to increase sexual stamina.

Eat serotonin-rich foods

Serotonin is an important hormone in the human body that is responsible for maintaining a better connection between nerves and the brain. A higher level of serotonin in the body means better libido and sexual performance. You can include serotonin-boosting foods such as onion, garlic, and bananas in your diet for improving your sex power.

Masturbate before real action

If you’re looking for natural ways to increase ejaculation time, masturbating at least an hour before sex can help prevent premature ejaculation. Practice masturbating before sex and experience the difference in your sexual performance.

Focus on mutual pleasure

You are browsing the internet to find natural ways to increase sex stamina. But, why are you searching- to please yourself or your partner? Considering your partner’s feelings can help you understand what makes her feel good and keeps you engaged in the sexual activity for longer.

Don’t underestimate foreplay

Men often get too excited and jump directly into the main game. But, finishing too early before your partner expects can leave her unsatisfied and disappointed. Rather, spending more time on foreplay like fondling her breasts, kissing, and tickling arouse both partners and helps you to maintain hard penis erections for longer.

Using herbal testosterone boosters

The majority of men experience low sexual stamina at some point in time. This can be contributed to declining sex desire and weak physical stamina. In such cases, using herbal testosterone boosters can help your body to produce more testosterone, which in turn, ignites sex desire and improve physical stamina as well. Nowadays, you can find a range of herbal testosterone boosters available online and in local pharmacy stores. But, be careful to pick one from a reputed company. Bigjack sex power capsules are one of the highly-rated supplements available online at the best price. It is used and trusted by thousands of men for its effectiveness and safety.

These are a few ways to boost sex power and physical stamina. If you’re looking for natural ways to thrill your lady love with intense orgasms, follow any of these tips and take your sex life to a new level.

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