Three tips to help you enjoy long and hard sex

Three tips to help you enjoy long and hard sex

If your climax seems not worth your efforts and hard work in the bed, the reasons could be physical or emotional. Most men are guilty of not being able to hold penis erections for longer and ejaculating too early during a sexual encounter leaves their lady love disappointed, unsatisfied, and even angry. Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are two common sex problems faced by most men at some point in time. That doesn’t mean that you can’t give your woman intense orgasms all over again. The ability to maintain hard erections for longer sex is a gift and you can revive it by following any of these tips-

Get your head in the game, Focus!

You need to focus on your performance to make your women scream your name in the bedroom. Remove all distractions, silence your mobile phone, turn off the emails, send kids to grandma, or at least find some privacy. When you are distracted by life, you’re likely to experience poor sexual performance. Focus on how your body feels, what excites you, and more importantly, what your woman wants. This helps you to get aroused and maintain hard erections for longer.

Undiscover beyond the usual hotspots

Remember to go beyond the usual erogenous zones in your woman’s body. You’re already aware that women take longer to get aroused and orgasm than men. Undiscovering the unusual erogenous zones on her body can ramp up her arousing sensations and reach her orgasm a bit early than usual. Doing this not only gives her a whole new level of orgasms but you to take advantage of ejaculating only after finishing her to feel intense multiple orgasms. Watching your woman gets aroused and orgasm can even help you with arousal and maintaining strong erections for long-lasting sexual intercourse.

Medicines to boost sexual stamina

Low sex desire, inability to hold erections for longer, and having low physical stamina during sex are a few common troubles faced by men of all ages. While eating healthy, lowering stress, and regular workouts can help manage these problems to some extent, herbal testosterone boosters such as Bigjack capsules can do wonders in improving male sexual power for long-lasting sex. Powerful ingredients in these capsules diligently ramp up your testerosterone levels and help you maintain rock-hard erections of the penis for long-lasting sex.

These are three common tips to uplift sex power in men and help you maintain harder erections for a long during sexual intercourse.


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