Things women want men to do during sex

Things women want men to do during sex

No matter how good you are in bed with your partner or how much into each other you are, certain mistakes during sex can make it less pleasurable for your woman. While most men consider premature ejaculation or having low physical stamina as main culprits behind a bland sexual intercourse; the real reason is not giving attention to what your partner wants in bed. Undoubtedly, using male enlargement pills can help you improve sexual stamina to stay longer in bed, but paying attention to your woman’s intimate needs can make sex a super steamy affair. Here are a few things that most women want their partner to do to them during a sexual intercourse.

Pay attention to her non-verbal signs

Unfortunately, many men don’t pay attention or respond to the non-verbal signs their partner give them during a sexual act. It’s crucial to learn to be responsive and understand the non-verbal signs your partner sends you during sex. These signs can be in the form of moans, heavier breathing, and increased lubrication. If you’re not sure, ask her direct like is that good or does it hurt? She may be shy and will appreciate that you asked.

Foreplay and afterplay

You are already aware of the wonders foreplay can do to arouse your partner. But, afterplay is one of the most neglected parts of a sexual intercourse. For women, sex is not all about physical intimacy but a reflection of both physical and emotional desires. Dozing off or getting engaged in random things right after sex can leave your women feeling like an object for pleasure and feeling vulnerable. However, cuddling or kissing after the sex can ignite the feeling of security, belongingness, and being loved in her.

Stimulate commonly ignored erotic spots

A woman wants her man to explore her inside and outs using his finger and make it an adventure for both of them. Creating the scenarios like “let’s see if I find your G-spot” could be a mutual exploration for both partners. Besides, fondling the commonly neglected areas of her body such as inner thighs, earlobes, and lower back can help her get multiple, intense orgasms.

Clitoral stimulation

Guys, women want it more! Most men think it’s the vaginal penetration that makes women moan and scream. But, for many women, it’s the clitoris. You can try stimulating her clitoris using different techniques such as strong sucking, circling your tongue around, or putting finger pressure on the erotic point to give her hard orgasms. Also, try different amounts of pressure and time to interpret what makes her aroused or horny during the clitoral stimulation. One of the common signs that she is fully aroused is her swollen love button.

These are a few things women want from their partners during a sexual encounter. Follow these tips to give her intense orgasms and regain your repo as a passionate lover. If you’re having low sex drive and feel a need for aid to stimulate sex drive and improved physical stamina, taking herbal testosterone boosters at least 2 hours before getting intimate. Bigjack male enhancement pills is said to be one of the best sex boosting product available online and is trusted by thousands of men for its effectiveness and safety.

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