How to Give Your Woman an Intense Orgasm? 3 Ways That Always Work

How to Give Your Woman an Intense Orgasm? 3 Ways That Always Work

Women love to have long, intense orgasms, and men who can give them these orgasms are highly prized. There are three problems that men have in fulfilling this that can be overcome quite easily, once understood.

Firstly, the problem is of getting your woman ready. Most women say that men do not get them emotionally ready to make love with them. Since women decide to have sex rather than do it on the spur of the moment, this is a big problem. Instead of using alcohol to loosen a woman’s inhibitions men could do a better job by getting to her head. To get to her head, the man should let the woman know that he is on her side. He shows her this by making the sex a part of affection and respect. If the woman feels that she is just a sex toy then she will not open herself to him as she should.

Secondly, how to overcome introductory orgasms? Sex experts used to believe that there was just the clitoris orgasm. Now that science has proven that there are many types of orgasms and pleasure spots for a woman, men can use this knowledge to intensify women’s pleasure. The clitoris orgasm is of shorter duration and less intense unless there are multiple clitoral orgasms and then it ramps up in intensity and duration. To stimulate the woman’s clitoris, the man should use a light, intermittent touch. Most men use too much pressure and instead of intermittent pressure, they keep it constant. A woman’s clitoris is tender and too much stimulation can be painful and not stimulating.

Lastly, how do create intense orgasms? Few men produce intense orgasms for women because they never get past the clitoris orgasm. The g-spot is located two inches inside the lady, just past the pubic bone. It swells when stimulated correctly and feels like the roof of your mouth, with ridges. Once the woman has a clitoral orgasm they are very susceptible to a g-spot climax. Men can produce this by stroking the g-spot with a firm and incessant stroke. Once this is accomplished, the man should go for combination orgasms where he strokes both the clitoris and g-spot combos at the same time. These are very intense and long orgasms.

Looking back, the guy should see that he was successful in this pursuit by giving honest affection, preliminary orgasms, and then bringing her to the brink with intense orgasms.

Sexually pleasing your woman is not an uphill climb as most say. Following the right techniques and right health is crucial. While you have the techniques, you can build perfect sex health by adding a powerful herbal supplement like BigJack. Made from pure herbal ingredients it increases your libido and boosts testosterone levels that give you big erections for a longer time. So that both you and your woman can reach maximum heights of pleasure.

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