Follow these tips to please your woman in bed

Follow these tips to pleasure your woman in bed

If you are worried that you finish too quickly during sexual intercourse, you aren’t alone. One in three men is likely to experience premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction at some point in time. Sex therapists conclude that such problems often occur as a result of biological and physiological conditions. But, following certain foreplay tips and remedies can help men to stay erect and active in bed for longer. Here are a few ways that can help you to make your lady love moan in excitement and last longer in bed for the mutual climax. Let’s start!

Masturbate before sex

Masturbation or a blow job as a part of the foreplay can help men stay longer in bed as you won’t be as sensitive to sexual stimulation. This method is said to be a trial and error method as masturbating right before sex can cause difficulty maintaining erections soon again. But, masturbating a few hours before sex can give your body some time to reset and help you to hold ejaculation for longer in bed.

Distract yourself

Another option is to distract yourself a little by selecting a weekend getaway or about the movie you saw last weekend. These mundane thoughts will keep you a little distracted from the sexual sensations and help you maintain stronger erections for longer to give your partner multiple and intense orgasms. While this method can help you delay ejaculation, make sure that you stay present and connected to your partner during the intimate act.

Change up positions

When you change your position in between the sex, it requires you to slow down and take a break for a few seconds. You are not getting the sexual stimulation in transition and it allows your body to cool off and again prepare for an orgasm. Positions such as “big spoon” which does not allow you to penetrate deeply may keep you from ejaculating too quickly during sexual intercourse.

Learn the pause-squeeze method

The pause-squeeze method is highly useful in delaying ejaculation during masturbation or penetration and involves-

  • Having sex until the moment you feel like you’re about to ejaculate
  • Then, pull out and squeeze the tip of your penis until the sensation to ejaculate passes out
  • Finally, continue having sex and repeating the technique several times as needed.

Follow these tips to pleasure your woman in bed

Herbal testosterone booster

A majority of men suffer premature ejaculation or erectile function at some point in time. In such cases, using herbal medications that are formulated to increase testosterone and libido can help you stay erect and active during sex for longer. Bigjack is one in the league of sex-boosting pills that is enriched with a blend of 5 libido-boosting herbs to ignite sexual desires and last longer in bed.

Besides, certain arousing methods such as touching your partner, sexting, or roleplay can stimulate sexual sensations to help you stay longer to give yourself and your partner a satisfying sexual experience.

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