Follow these tips to increase sex time

Follow these tips to increase sex time

Apart from penis size, holding the ejaculation for long is the second factor that matters to men during sex. However, around 40 percent of men worldwide suffer from the problem of premature ejaculation and low stamina during sexual encounter. Such problems affect not only your sexual problems but your reputation in front of your partner. Fortunately, implementing certain remedies can help you increase your sex time. Here, we will describe certain ways that can help you prevent common sexual problems and improve sex time for satisfactory sex.

Sex time: Sex time refers to the time involved in foreplay, maintaining penile erection, and intercourse. While people get intimate, their ultimate goal remains either reproduction or finding pleasure. The result of successful sexual activity is defined by intense orgasms or conceiving baby. The sex time varies for each couple; generally it’s estimated to be 30-45 mins process to find ultimate pleasure and satisfaction. According to sex therapists, a good foreplay should last for 10-15 minutes while penetration should last for at least 10 minutes or till the time your woman orgasms.

What can go wrong with sex time: Some common issues linked with men’s sex time are inability to maintain strong erections, ejaculating too quickly, low physical stamina, and lack of interest in sex.

Increasing sex time with medicine: While there are several remedies and tools to increase penis and sex time available in local and online pharmacies, you must be careful about picking them. You wouldn’t like any sex-boosting medicine, supplement, or device to affect your overall health just for the sake of having long-lasting sex with intense orgasms. Herbal testosterone boosters are often considered safe supplement to boost sexual performance in both men and women. Careful, don’t forget to check the labels for certifications and ingredients to ensure safety and effectiveness. Certified brands such as Bigjack often come out with herbal supplements packed with sex-boosting herbs such as Ashwagandha, Shilajit, and Safed Musli, etc. These herbs dilate the blood vessels carrying blood to the sexual organs and create better vibratory stimulations in the penis. Besides, organic compounds in such herbs uplifts testosterone levels in the body, which increases libido and lower the chances of premature ejaculation as well.

Other methods to improve sex time: Medications are just one remedy to boost your sexual health, maintaining healthy lifestyle and eating nutritious foods are ideal for keeping not only your sexual but overall health in good shape. To boost your sexual health, you must:

  • Work out regularly
  • De-stress
  • Watch your body weight
  • Get hours of quality sleep
  • Talk to your partner

These are a few tips you can follow to improve sex time and bringing the lost spark in your romantic relationship.


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