Erotic ways to satisfy your women in bed

Erotic ways to satisfy your women in bed

Have you ever thought what makes you to win the title of ‘good in bed?’ For most men, it’s providing your woman with intense multiple orgasms by maintaining stronger erections for longer. Here, we will be discussing certain ways you can please your women in bed and win over her satisfaction. Let’s start!

It’s all about the time: It’s the time that matters the most when it comes to making your woman moan and getting intense orgasms during sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, many males fail to hold their ejaculation for longer due to several physiological reasons. To overcome such problems, you can train your pelvic floor muscles, try stop and squeeze method, focus more on foreplay, or take herbal sex power medicines such as Bigjack which are formulated to prevent premature ejaculation and increase sex time.

Let her know that you love turning her on: If your lady love realise that all the foreplay you do is for her favour, it may spoil the things rather than building up tensions in her. She wants to enjoy as much as you want, so give her that. Explore different parts of her body such as stimulating her clitoris, nipples, and notice what makes her aroused instantly. Also, don’t forget to tell her that how much it arouse you to see her wet and horny.

Know what she likes: You must know about the move she likes the most. Your ex-girlfriend and the present one may like different sex positions and things in bed. No two women like the same sex position or foreplay technique when it comes to satisfying sex. In such cases, hitting her G spot makes a smart move to give her hard orgasms that make her scream your name in excitement.


Lube up: Just like men are likely to suffer premature ejaculation and low physical stamina during sex, women too are at a risk of experiencing vaginal dryness at times. Here, using lubes available in local drugstores or online pharmacies can help. Lubing up not only helps reduce friction but their playful flavours and exotic aromas can increase arousal in both partners.

Be a gentleman in bed: Understand the difference between arousal and abuse. Women are super sensitive and putting too much force or exertion can hurt her sentiments and may cause physical injuries. A rough sex session should be the wild, not violent. The best way to have rough sex is to first get her consent and then fixing healthy sex boundaries to keep sex pleasing and satisfying for her.

These are a few healthy ways you can adopt to make sex a safe and satisfying experience for her. So, keep these tips in mind next time you plan to get intimate and give your lady love intense moments of love.

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